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A Piece A Part STEAM Jigsaw Puzzle

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4 diverse characters. 4 puzzles. 1 box.

A unique anatomy puzzle to teach children 3 years and older about their bodies. And with 4 different characters within the same box, it helps them see that while there may be a million things setting us apart on the outside, we are made of the same pieces on the inside.

Created in consultation with physicians so children learn about their bodies in an accurate manner.

Promotes acceptance and fosters imagination.

The puzzle is divided into a left and right side. The left side is composed of the 4 characters and the pieces for these are color coded so you can easily separate and combine them. There is only one set of pieces for the right side that shows the internal anatomy in more detail. As you put it together, you will see that it can complete all 4 characters when the two sides are joined together.

  • Each complete version is 54 pieces.
  • Each finished puzzle is 10" x 15"
  • Includes on-the-go canvas bag
  • For children ages 3 years and older
What the child can learn:
  • Explore STEAM subjects
  • Identify parts of the human body
  • Match colors and shapes
  • Build storytelling skills
  • Improve eye-hand coordination
  • Celebrate differences

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