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A little boy in a red shirt reading Little Patakha product Planet Pathrado Konkani Language Learning Book

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Little Patakha is a children’s brand which offers books, games and toys to boost confidence, promote acceptance and build a sense of community through diverse characters that highlight shared experiences for children of elementary school age and younger.

Our main customers include Millennial and Gen Z parents, grandparents and extended family and educators.

A recent survey by Common Sense Media and research by the School Library Journal indicated that over 60% of these customers are looking for diverse, inclusive, educational content like what Little Patakha offers.

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Why Our Customers Love Little Patakha!

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Little Patakha Products For Wholesale

Little Patakha product A Piece A Part packaging box from the right with illustration of two kids on the front with x rays of their bodies showing they are the same on the inside

A Piece A Part Jigsaw Puzzle

MSRP $35.00

A unique puzzle that uses 4 diverse charcters to teach children about their bodies and that while there may be a million things setting us apart on the outside, we are made of the same pieces on the inside.

Little Patakha product Different Fits Mix and Match Game packaging from the right side with 3 illustrations of kids in different professional uniforms and one illustration showing the pieces of the puzzle mixed up to show a supreme court justice head with a chef torso and firefighter uniform pants

Different Fits Mix And Match Game

MSRP $25.00

A fun mix-and-match game about who they can be when they grow up so children can use their superpower of imagination and see themselves in one or more of these professions, or feel inspired to dream up their own.

Little Patakha product Unstoppable Me Affirmation Cards showing the packaging from the right side with an illustration of a little black girl with her arms outstretched above her and eyes closed

Unstoppable Me Affirmation Cards

MSRP $25.00

20 affirmation cards with diverse characters that help children discover and believe in amazing things about themselves and how they relate to others while guiding them in their life-long journey of self-love and acceptance.

Little Patakha product Planet Pichkari Hindi Language Learning Book picture showing the cover of the closed book with an illustration of a big girl using a magnifying glass to observe a car on a planet that has volcanoes erupting with colors

Planet Pichkari Hindi Book

MSRP $17.00

The immersive and beautiful illustations, use of easy phonetics and access to online audio files helps children (and grown ups) learn a new language - Hindi, the most popular language associated with India.

Basic Wholesale Terms

Pricing: Wholesale pricing is 50% off the retail pricing listed above.

Minimum Order Amount: $250.00 for initial order and $150.00 for reorders.

Minimum Quantities: 6 of each product you want to order.

Payment Terms: Unless decided in writing, all initial orders are pre-paid. Net30 terms are available for set up.

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