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Planet Pichkari Hindi Language Learning Book

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Though India has multiple national languages, Hindi (hin-dee) is the most popular language associated with it. It has been heavily influenced by India’s rich history and has equally contributed to its cultures and traditions.

As a contrast to Konkani that’s used in Planet Pathrado, Hindi as a language has used the Devanagiri (they-vuh-naa-gee-ree) script preserved over centuries. You can not only see similarities between some every day words in the two languages but also how widely different they can be. A great way to learn of the diversity that exists within a single country.

Through reading sessions hosted in various schools, we have seen how excited children get when they see that the alphabet can be written in a way completely different from the English language. The simple phonetic cues help them read the original script and online audio files accessed via a QR code in the book allow them to hear a native speaker pronounce them as well so they can be accurate in their use.

We invite you to take a few small steps into the big world of Hindi - through Planet Pichkari (pich-kaa-ree), our unique Hindi language learning picture book.

Check out the sample audio file you will have access to via the QR code in the book.

Customer Reviews

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Katelyn B.

We LOVE this book in our home. Both my boys and I enjoy looking through Planet Pichkari and learning words in Hindi. The illustrations are beautiful and the phonetic pronunciations are great for toddlers and adults alike! I hope to travel again with my children to other countries - India is at the top of my list. Until I can get there, we are exploring through the world of books and this is an exceptional start. I have given this book - and many other Little Patakha products - as gifts and they are all well loved.

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