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Join us as we build a more inclusive future for all kids!

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Sponsor Elementary Schools In Vermont

Vermont for little Vermonters

A chance to support the youngest in our communities.

During early childhood a million neural connections are formed each second, something that will never happen again in the children's lifetimes. This extraordinary time offers a vital window of opportunity to mold the foundation and shape the trajectory of their future. The ideas, people and sounds children grow up surrounded by become their normal and social biases based on gender, race and culture set in by the age of five years. In a predominantly white, rural state like Vermont, this means that we need to work extra hard to expose our children to a wide range of experiences so they can grow up to become global citizens.

And you can help - As a Vermont business, sponsor an elementary school or more to receive educational and inclusive games and toys from Little Patakha. Think about it - children for years to come will learn and grow with these products; an incredible ROI. This corporate citizenship initiative will create an impact that can last beyond all of us.

Now THAT is a powerful story!

3 Problems

1 Solution


due to lack of funding, Vermont schools, educators and students are unable to purchase these products to use in their curricula.

This is where your business can make a difference!

$500.00 = 1 Elementary School

What do the schools get?


a sponsorship letter with your business name and logo that lets them know whom to thank for these amazing products.

Easy! Sponsor the schools and we will be in touch to finalize details with you.

Thank you for your time and support.

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